Rejoice In ‘Coming Out’ Day And Find Your Soul Mate Using Free Online Dating

Yesterday was a day for ‘coming out’ of the closet so to speak and openly discussing gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender issues.
The dedicated non-holiday, National Coming Out Day (NCOD), was created years ago to raise awareness about sexuality and encourage all participants to be honest and wear gay pride symbols such as the rainbow.
Regardless of being lesbian or gay, everyone can find their soul mate using free online dating. You can avoid those awkward moments when chatting to someone in the bar and club and finding out that they are either in a relationship or in fact straight.
Dating online is far easier and much more comfortable because one can publicly display what they look for in a perfect partner, as to avoid any miscommunication. And even better, it doesn’t cost a penny to find a companion in contrast to what it amounts to go for drinks or a meal, as it is free to sign up.

Gay icon Alex Reid likes being chatted up by guys

Gay icon Alex Reid likes being chatted up by guys

The former husband of glamour model Katie Price and celebrity Big Brother winner from 2010, Alex Reid has revealed he has no problem with gay guys chatting him up.

While Reid was with Katie Price, aka Jordan, it was revealed that he loves cross dressing as his alter ego Roxanne, in news that made him a gay icon overnight. The star revealed that if he was actually gay he would definitely be “the butch one, rather than the bitch”.

Gay rugby player Gareth Thomas has no regrets and is still on the hunt for love.

Welsh rugby player, Gareth Thomas, revealed this weekend that he had no regrets about revealing he was gay, and admitted that it had been like a knot in his stomach for years.
Despite having had a wife for five years, Gareth Thomas admitted that being gay had become “like a tight knot in my ¬stomach, always threatening to seep out.”
The Welsh rugby star was one of the first ever rugby players to openly admit he was gay, and was surprised at the positive response from fellow players and fans.
37 year old Gareth has also stayed close friends with his wife, who text him recently on their anniversary. He explained, “Jemma texted me on Wednesday and said ‘happy anniversary’. It was mad ¬receiving that text and realising we would have been married for that long. So much has -happened in our lives.
“We still have a good connection and I’m so happy that I’ve been through all this and still have her in my life.

Gay dating sites grow in popularity

20 years ago no one had heard of the internet, and having tattoos or being gay was somewhat of a social taboo. Roll forward two decades and everything has changed. Tattoos have become socially acceptable, there is far less homophobia around and the internet is starting to play a huge role in nearly all of our lives.

As well as shopping for the odd DVD or CD via Amazon, we are now using the internet to buy clothes, do our weekly shop, check our bank balance, submit our utility meter readings and in some cases even find love.

Whilst dating sites, and indeed gay dating sites have been around for some time now, online dating was something that people tended to do quietly without admitting it to family and friends.


Gay Dating Tip

  1. 1. Gut instinct is probably best

Trust your instincts it’s probably going to be the best you can do, if something doesn’t feel right then it probably isn’t right. It’s far better to pass on a date to wait for another rather than take a chance on one that doesn’t feel right somehow.

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