Gay dating sites grow in popularity

20 years ago no one had heard of the internet, and having tattoos or being gay was somewhat of a social taboo. Roll forward two decades and everything has changed. Tattoos have become socially acceptable, there is far less homophobia around and the internet is starting to play a huge role in nearly all of our lives.

As well as shopping for the odd DVD or CD via Amazon, we are now using the internet to buy clothes, do our weekly shop, check our bank balance, submit our utility meter readings and in some cases even find love.

Whilst dating sites, and indeed gay dating sites have been around for some time now, online dating was something that people tended to do quietly without admitting it to family and friends.

Internet dating has now become more socially acceptable, and the gay online dating scene has grown substantially as well.

We spoke to 26 year old David, who is an Air Steward in his day job, but has taken to the internet to find love as he was having little success meeting people with his crazy hours. David explained, ‘I signed up to several gay dating sites and had no idea what to expect. I was hoping to meet a few people, who were at least like-minded, but I didn’t expect much.”

David had to fill in a range of different questionnaires, submit some photos and create a profile, which is designed to show people his likes and dislikes.

“The problem I found with the profiles was that you could write whatever you wanted. It almost become a fashion parade, although once I got used to reading through the lines I started to find people I wanted to contact,” David added.

After going on two or three unsuccessful dates, David finally found a partner he had something in common with, and so far, six months in, things are going well.

“I’m pleased I used the internet to find someone as my job meant I was meeting the wrong people, or not around at the right times. It’s worked really well for me and I’d advise people to give it a try.”

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