Gay rugby player Gareth Thomas has no regrets and is still on the hunt for love.

Welsh rugby player, Gareth Thomas, revealed this weekend that he had no regrets about revealing he was gay, and admitted that it had been like a knot in his stomach for years.
Despite having had a wife for five years, Gareth Thomas admitted that being gay had become “like a tight knot in my ¬stomach, always threatening to seep out.”
The Welsh rugby star was one of the first ever rugby players to openly admit he was gay, and was surprised at the positive response from fellow players and fans.
37 year old Gareth has also stayed close friends with his wife, who text him recently on their anniversary. He explained, “Jemma texted me on Wednesday and said ‘happy anniversary’. It was mad ¬receiving that text and realising we would have been married for that long. So much has -happened in our lives.
“We still have a good connection and I’m so happy that I’ve been through all this and still have her in my life.

“I genuinely thought I’d lose so much if I came out but it just hasn’t been the case. I’m so glad I was true to myself and did it. We’re both in good positions in our lives now. I’m happy and she’s with a new man. It’s a happy ¬ending.”
Gareth admitted that he was now single and could consider gay dating sites, although for the time being he’s happy playing what could be his final year of rugby and visiting his Mum in Wales, where he get’s looked after.
“Now I’m walking with pride. If people recognise me now they maybe recognise me as a rugby player or an ¬inspiring proud gay man. I’m proud to be recognised for who I am.”
Gareth revealed that his story was now being taken on by Hollywood star Mickey Rourke, who Gareth has become close pals with, and could be released as a movie at some point in the next few years.

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