Top Tips When Gay Dating

When going on your first date with a new man there are a few pointers worth remembering to make sure the night is enjoyable for the both of you.  If you have met over the internet you probably won’t really know how the person will be in real life so you need to go with no expectations.  Hopefully you will know what they look like so you won’t be completely in the dark.

Make sure you are wearing clean, tidy but comfortable clothes. You need to make a conscious effort to impress as first impressions really do count. The number of guys who go out on their first date and don’t bother to iron their shirt is phenomenal. Put a clean pair of shoes on, not your scruffy trainers and take pride in your appearance. Would you want to date yourself if you turned up in a t-shirt with a hole in it and yesterday’s lunch down your trousers? If you are going for dinner, wear something a little smarter maybe a more formal pair of trousers. However, if you are going to the cinema, a pair of jeans and a shirt is appropriate because of the less formal setting. (more…)

Achieve Results From Your Profile Page

Having an outdated; uninteresting profile page will not attract hot guys to your page which is the exact reason why you have joined a gay online dating site. Use it as a calling card for finding a potential new lover or a long term boyfriend. Although we say we don’t judge on first impressions, it does have a lasting impact on how we view a person so it is always best to be honest and open about yourself.

The best advice that I could offer someone who is joining an online dating website is to be honest, honesty in definitely the best policy when it comes to gay online dating and completing your profile. Trust is the single most important element in all new relationships especially if you are hoping it is going to blossom into something amazing. Online profiles can be deceiving and you don’t want to be put in the rejection ‘pile’ before your first date. (more…)

Making An Impression On Your First Date

We’ve all heard the classic ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ line, let’s face it which of us hasn’t heard it or used it before? But how do you get over this and meet someone new? For gay men in particular, it can be difficult to find someone to date or start a relationship with.

Being gay has become more socially acceptable in comparison to days gone by and there are a vast number of ways to meet other like for like men who you might be interested in dating. The growth of the internet has brought with it a huge number of different online dating sites including gay online dating. (more…)

How To Find Love On The internet

Finding love on the internet is not difficult depending on whether you are a beginner or you are experienced at dating.  However, once you have met someone that you think may have potential how do you go about making the first moves?

Only you know when you have met the right person, you might get a feeling, have lots of things in common or share the same ideals and dreams. You have taken a good look at their profile and plucked up the courage to send them a message via the internet dating site. You need to keep the first message, short, simple but sweet. Don’t give too much away. They don’t want to hear your life story just yet! Don’t use cheesy one liners or something you would use to pick up a guy in the pub because this just won’t cut it on a gay dating site.  (more…)

Getting To Know The Gay Pride Scene

The Manchester gay scene is probably one of the friendliest and active outside of London. Every year during the last weekend in August the city comes alive to celebrate lesbian, gay, bi sexual and transgender life. The Big Weekend attracts thousands of visitors to the city and they have a whole host of activities and there is always a charity which money is collected for. Typically it is for a LGBT and a HIV charity.

This year’s event would be the perfect opportunity to take the new man in your life or even meet up with someone for some fun. You can choose to go for the whole weekend or just one day. The Saturday always has the ‘Pride Parade’ through the city centre which has a carnival appeal to it and always draws in a large crowd. The 2009 Pride in Manchester will see the likes of Little Boots, Peter Andre and the Freemasons take to the stage to perform for the crowds. Previous years have seen Boy George and Roisin Murphy performing. (more…)

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