Top Tips When Gay Dating

When going on your first date with a new man there are a few pointers worth remembering to make sure the night is enjoyable for the both of you.  If you have met over the internet you probably won’t really know how the person will be in real life so you need to go with no expectations.  Hopefully you will know what they look like so you won’t be completely in the dark.

Make sure you are wearing clean, tidy but comfortable clothes. You need to make a conscious effort to impress as first impressions really do count. The number of guys who go out on their first date and don’t bother to iron their shirt is phenomenal. Put a clean pair of shoes on, not your scruffy trainers and take pride in your appearance. Would you want to date yourself if you turned up in a t-shirt with a hole in it and yesterday’s lunch down your trousers? If you are going for dinner, wear something a little smarter maybe a more formal pair of trousers. However, if you are going to the cinema, a pair of jeans and a shirt is appropriate because of the less formal setting.

If you are going to dinner it is worthwhile thinking of a few things beforehand to talk about whilst you are enjoying each other’s company. For example, a holiday that you have recently been on or the type of music you like. Something that you can both get involved in and share stories with one another so holidays and music is always a good thing to talk about.

If you both fancy doing something a bit different than the usual dinner and a movie date then why not try something completely different and less traditional.  Go to the theatre, go to a theme park for the day or even go to a sports event. You really can do anything for your first date.

Don’t be afraid to tell jokes, someone who is humorous is very attractive as it can help to show off their confidence. Make sure the jokes are appropriate for the setting in which you are in and don’t be offensive.

Although it is your first date, you need to decide before hand whether you are going to have sex with him or not. It is always best to be prepared either way as you can’t always predict how a date is going to go. Always carry condoms with you and protect yourself if you do plan to have sex. Additionally it is always worth taking some chewing gum with you to freshen up your breath especially if you have been out for a meal and you are hoping for a cheeky snog at the end of the night.

When meeting somebody for the first time off an internet dating site it is important that you agree to meet up somewhere that is busy and there are plenty of people around. Always tell a friend where you are going and what time you intend to be home.  Remember to take your mobile phone with you just in case you get stuck in a sticky situation.  Make sure that you have enough money to get yourself home at the end of the night.

There are so many opportunities available to you on the internet in terms of gay dating so why not give it a try; you’ve got nothing to lose! You never know you might find the love of your life or just a lover for the night.

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  1. To try and prevent any fuethrr idiotic statements from being made (though some morons are going to open their mouths anyway) I have to point out that the TARGET AUDIENCE (for you morons it means who this video is geared towards) are Christians that are dating.If you are not a Christian (like myself) or abstain from the dating scene, shut your mouths and see if you can learn something from this.If it applies to you then take what you can and empower yourselves, if not then let these people be

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